Types of Vitiligo


I have vitiligo! It’s no secret; there is an oval, almost ornamental VitiSpot on my face just beside my eye.

Recently I learned about a treatment for vitiligo called Melanocyte Transplantation, which involves lab grown skin grafts. According to the websites I’ve read, it’s not as painful as it sounds. (Though honestly, I have no plans to have the procedure. I just like to be informed about all things in the vitiverse) The success rate for the transplantation depends a lot on the┬átype of vitiligo a person has. There are types of vitiligo?! I had no idea.

I did a little bit of research. As it turns out I have focal vitiligo, because my VitiSpots are confined to a few select areas of my body. They do morph over time, but generally stay in the same regions of the body. There are other types of vitiligo as well. Below are the full details, in awesome video form. Uhh, I should warn you, I was incredibly tired and drained when I filmed this! Seriously, I had had such a long, weird, cooped up, energy sapping day, and making this video made me feel eons better, so thanks for giving it a looksie..

All info was pretty much taken from vitiligosupport.org.

If you have vitiligo, I really hope this helped you understand what type you might have. I know it really helped me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question about vitiligo or would like to chat!