Ginkgo Biloba and the Devil’s Spit


I am becoming something of an herbal supplement junkie. Rest assured, I eat well, drink plenty of water, ingest the allotted amount of roughage and so on. Huge smoothie for breakfast, tea all day long, at least one salad daily …  I just happen to enjoy supplements as well. For example, I take Melatonin and Valerian root extract about an hour before the sleepy times. When I ran out of my Valerian extract this week, I rushed to GNC and went a bit overboard thanks to their buy one get one 50% off deal. In addition to Melatonin and Valerian, I decided to try Ginkgo Biloba and Green Tea Complex.

I have heard Ginkgo Biloba can be beneficial for vitiligo repigmentation, which is why it caught my eye on the store shelf. When I read the bottle I learned that it ,”may support mental sharpness.” (Double checked on WebMD.) Well – I’m sold.

photo(5)That’s not entirely true. I’m not *completely* sold. I am looking forward to trying it over the course of 100 days to test its effects, and if there is a noticeable difference I’ll repurchase.

The green tea complex (in liquid form) is horrible though. I’m calling it the Devil’s Spit from now on.

photo(4)I’m sure it’s healthy and all that; it has EGCG which, “supports metabolism.” But the stuff tastes horrible! If you’re considering buying this, don’t just try it in a bit of water. Add it to something strong to mask the disgusting taste. Honestly, I had such a jarring and unpleasant first experience that I will be returning this little package of delight to GNC today. I drink at least one glass of green tea every single day, so I don’t feel I’ll be missing out.

Haha! Sometimes I feel I’m turning into weird pill-lady. Any other health-goobers out there?



Song: Forgive Them Father by Lauren Hill

I need to start keeping track of the songs I’ve posted. I have a feeling I’m going to start repeating soon if I don’t 😛