6 Ways to Live & Love (With Vitiligo)


Several months ago, a young man emailed me completely flustered. He was in love. But Nana, his girlfriend, was pushing him away because she had Vitiligo. And it was killing him to be shut out. In fact, she thought she was doing him a favor. She did not want to relegate him a life of shame, living with someone whom all of society would shun. She loved him back, but she wanted to protect him.

As I read his email, I realized that he did not care whether or not Nana had Vitiligo. He didn’t care about society or what anyone would say about her. He just wanted to be with her.

He asked that I make a video filled with helpful advice, made just for her. So that she would not lock herself in her house all day. So that maybe someday she could hope for a happy life again.

How could I say no to that?

This is the video I made for Nana.

Here’s a friendly reminder to jump for joy EVERY day! Your skin, your physical appearance, does not define who you are, what you’re capable of, and frankly – how freaking amazing you are. Radiate positivity, and everyone around you will barely even notice the things you used to tell yourself were “imperfections”.

All my love,