Hiking Trip to Blue Hills – Round Two! [photos]

Saturday was drizzly and Sunday was gloomy. Josh and I got our butts out of the house and drove to Blue Hills for a small hike in the chilly weather. With a few extra layers on, of course. We decided to start at a familiar place and branch out to trails we haven’t yet covered!

Hiking trip to Blue Hills on a gloomy day“Let the great, experiment, beginnnn!” -Tobias, Arrested Development

Picnic tables at Blue HillsPicnic tables and public grills

Hiking is hard
It’s tough work to hike and eat a sandwich! 😛

Off we go!

Well-marked trails

Nice view

Cool Log at Blue Hills

Cool Grass at Blue Hills

Pretty Flowers at Blue Hills

Lost Hat at Blue Hills
We found a blue beanie hanging on a tree! (Last time we saw a doggie collar.)

Tough Trail at Blue Hills
We hiked some tougher areas this time! *phew*

Swimming is allowed at Blue Hills
A friend asked if swimming’s allowed in the pond at Blue Hills. It is!

Excited for this weekend, because it’s supposed to be clear and warm on Saturday. Yes please 🙂




Hiking Trip to Blue Hills this Weekend! [photos]

Last weekend Josh and I took a hiking trip to Blue Hills, which is (luckily) only a half hour drive from Boston. We had hoped to hike 9 miles, but were pressed for time and managed somewhere between 5 and 5.5 instead. We had a great time nonetheless, and are excited to return next weekend! Here are the details I plan to record for every hike going forward:

Weight: 123.5
Location: Blue Hills
Distance: 5-5.5 miles
Time: 2 hrs 30 min

Hiking Trips Part 1: Blue HillsSweet Joshua morning face 🙂 Just before leaving the house

Hiking Trip to Blue Hills
I’m wearing Josh’s Jacket – that’s why I look like a dancing dashboard figurine with disproportionately tiny legs 😛

Starting on the trail
Starting on the trail

Doggie leash on the trail
We found this doggie leash along the way… Wonder what happened.

Beautiful trail

Well-marked trails
There were well-marked trails

Cool log
A cool, hollowed-out log

Welcome to burnt hill
Welcome to Burnt Hill

A kid and his dad racing down the hill. Cute 😛

Lake Beach at Blue Hills
A little lake beach where people were sunbathing and picnicking

We have been highlighting the trails we’ve trekked on a map, and plan to cover every inch of Blue Hills over time. It’s such fun to chart your course and roam around, scrambling up hills and boulders, and being as silly as you please. Can’t wait for next week’s adventure!