Milk Oolong, by Joy’s Teaspoon

I was already amazed by oolong tea before filming this review. It’s highly caffeinated, tastes very light, and obviously has some mind-blowing health benefits when you drink it regularly. It’s a powerful drink that can regulate blood sugar, weight, and energy levels. (If you drink an oolong, green, and white tea blend after every meal you will have easy digestion and sustained energy throughout the day. I’ve been obsessed with this blend recently!) I mean come on, what’s not to like?

What I didn’t know is that there is a specific, magical type of oolong called “milk oolong”. When processed just right, milk oolong tea is infused (no pun intended) with a milky flavor without any additives. It has everything to do with the drying process. I read somewhere that milk oolong leaves are laid out to dry at night. The gradual increase in temperature at the sun rises and heats the earth up gives the leaves that milkiness.

Now I’m enamored with oolong.

This particular Milk Oolong by Joy’s Teaspoon does have additional milk flavoring in it. I’m not sure what they mean by that. But I have to admit it tastes wonderful and I’m incredibly thankful to Joy’s Teaspoon for introducing me to their teas! Joy’s Teaspoon teas are all ethically sourced, and if any tea is not certified organic, the company does ensure that their tea providers follow strict guidelines sans certifications. I can’t imagine all tea growers have the resources to get certified, and I think it’s very decent of Joy’s Teaspoon to accommodate those companies.

Happy sipping!


P.S. Naomi, the owner of Joy’s Teaspoon, co-organized the much anticipated Southwest Tea Fest, debuting on February 27th in Las Vegas. If you would like a chance to win 2 free tickets, check out my other blog post: “Win 2 Tickets: 2016 Southwest Tea Fest in Vegas!


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