Teatulia Organic White Tea – Review

Teatulia’s Organic White Tea is my (and my husband’s) favorite Teatulia tea so far : ) It’s refreshing, and so healthy that if you drink 2 or more cups a day you can reduce your chance of heart attack by 50%.

Ingredients: 100% organic white tea. Packaging: recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials (paper, ink, tape).

As I mentioned in my posts on Teatulia’s Organic Oolong Tea and Organic Black Tea, Teatulia tea is delicious, honest and simple, and the company is committed to excellence and social responsibility. What you may not know is that Teatulia is run by a family that has had to overcome many obstacles not only to help the company survive but also to bring the entire community up with them. You HAVE to read this article in Newsweek about how, “the Teatulia tea plantation has transformed a once-barren land into a lush garden paradise” and has pulled the people of the Tetulia region (get it? Teatulia? teehee) out of abject poverty.

Teatulia-Tea-Single-Garden(Photo Credit: Newsweek)

You can use code “tea4me” on the Teatulia website to get 30% off! Click HERE to buy the tea, and click HERE to read more about the health benefits we mentioned.

Thank you so much for reading and watching! Take care : )


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