Teatulia’s Organic Oolong Tea – Review

If I had to sum up Teatulia in a word it would be …  “simple.” In a good way. Their Organic Oolong Tea is magical only partly because it’s delicious. Wait till you hear about the health benefits… seriously mind-blowing.

Ingredients: 100% organic oolong tea. Packaging: recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials (paper, ink, tape).

Everything about the Teatulia experience feels lean, honest, and simple — except maybe their descriptions. I say that endearingly, because they are wonderfully entertaining though a bit over the top. Haha!

But in all seriousness, many thanks to Teatulia for sending this tea my way. I feel so lucky not only to have the chance to review these teas, but also to learn and share information about their health benefits. If you would like to buy this tea, use the code “tea4me” to get 30% off! You can buy it HERE. Also, to read the article where I learned about the health benefits of oolong tea, click HERE.

I read somewhere recently that the younger generations (something like 15-30) are increasingly getting into tea. It’s shaping up to be a tea renaissance! 😀

Thank you for watching and reading! Until next time, take care 🙂


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