Raw food spiralizer

What Do Raw Food Vegans Eat?

Discovering the world of the raw food vegan diet has been fun! (What does it mean that I’m a raw food vegan? Well, to me it means as much raw food as I can, vegan when I can’t. Add a dash of flexibility for those dinner dates and unavoidable cheese-tastic moments, and you’ve got a diet that you can keep up with for a long time.) I’ve been experimenting with different recipes and have figured out that you can eat a really delicious variety of foods that are mostly (if not completely) raw or vegan!

By the way, I’ve learned that a spiralizer is a MUST have. You just can’t sustain this lifestyle without the proper tools. I got this one from Amazon and I LOVE it. It’s easy to operate, easy to clean, and saves so much time and effort.

Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Raw food spiralizer

This amazing spiralizer chops carrots and makes squash, beets, and zucchini into spaghetti.

So what do I eat? Rabbit food? Not exactly…

  • Homemade almond butter (just almonds and a food processor – SIMPLE!)
  • Thai almond butter sauce (can be used with so many recipes)
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Normal potato fries
  • Guacamole
  • Thai lettuce wraps (so much more filling & satisfying than it sounds)
  • Beet, carrot, mixed green salad
  • Walnut pesto (I use just a little bit of Parmesan cheese)
  • Smoothies (yum – breakfast every day!)
  • Date and pecan energy balls (easy to make, and so tasty)
  • Carrot sticks (another easy snack with lots of crunch – haha, literal rabbit food! 😛 )

I want to learn to make a hearty vegan stew (maybe with potato chunks, lentils or beans, squash, curry powder, and so on) to eat for dinner so that I sleep well with a full warm belly. I also want to get my hands on a gazpacho recipe! Soup in a cup is basically the best idea since sliced bread.

My body is still adjusting. I get cravings for grilled cheese sandwiches or omelettes. But I distract myself or eat some date and pecan energy balls to tide myself over to the next meal. My body feels great, and I keep reminding myself how much more energy I have now 🙂




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