Day 6 of Raw Food Vegan

I have to be honest, I haven’t been fully raw or vegan in the last 6 days, but that’s mainly because I have decided not to be rude to others in social situations. When your boss buys the whole office pizza at work, you don’t just turn your nose up, right? And when you visit your boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law, you can’t just devour all of their bananas and carrots instead of having the veggie burger they’ve dug out of the freezer. Oh, and I eat just a dollop of yogurt in my morning smoothie, partially out of habit.

But what I can say is this: I love raw food vegan already.


Basically I try to eat as many raw food meals as I can. And when I can’t I try to make sure that my vegan (cooked) meal doesn’t contain any animal products (including eggs, milk, and cheese – formerly known as the other love if my life). I’m still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. For example, I’ve realized that nuts are and easy raw vegan item, but I need to be careful. Preparing a whole raw meal takes much more time and effort than just making a cooked meal (if you want to make it tasty). But when I don’t have time or energy , I just shovel nuts into my mouth (uhh, hah — mind out if the gutter, you). The nuts certainly make me feel full, but don’t have the nutrition my body needs.

Anyway, in general what I’ve noticed is that I feel more energetic. I have been able to get away with less sleep (which I would have sworn was impossible before). Weirdly, my body has been feeling warmer (I sweat more easily). I have been in a better mood in general, and I feel lighter, not so bloated or icky.

Going forward I’m going to continue to gently and persistently introduce more and more raw and vegan foods into my diet. I’ll let you know how is goes πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Day 6 of Raw Food Vegan

  1. Content Catnip says:

    This is awesome. Vegan food is great for a cleanse but as you say, it’s so lengthy to prepare and hard to be fussy when you have a social life. I went vegan for a week but my social life got a bit weird and non existent so I stopped

    • arunagee says:

      Haha, definitely! Keeping up with friends who eat cheese/milk/eggs/meat/etc. can be so hard when you become vegan or raw πŸ™‚ I’ve decided to be very flexible.

      I just had a slice of the most delicious raw food cake by the way. It was made entirely out of nuts, fruit, and natural ingredients. No sugar. I was blown away by how delicious and normal it was! Like real cake. Yum.

      Athena, do you still want to do the exchange??

      • Content Catnip says:

        I would love to still exchange stuff with you. I thought that you had forgotten. It can be whatever you want, like some samples of New Zealand skin care. I can arrange that and it won’t be too expensive to send, or perhaps you want some chocolate goodies, although that may not be in keeping with your vegan diet. If you have a link to this raw cake recipe, would love to try it!

    • arunagee says:

      Hmm, I’ll see if I can get my hands on the recipe. I think we ordered it from a special restaurant, so it might take some time to figure it out. I’d love to be able to make it at home too!

      I didn’t forget! I just fell off the face of the inter-planet for a little while. (Sorry) Sampling skin care is now a difficult one, because I’m using proactiv and it tends to react with a lot of other ingredients in products. I love 70% or darker chocolate, but they usually tend to be more expensive – so that might not be the best option. >.< Maybe I can send you some stuff and we can see what works for me down the line? Or if you still want to send me something, I can take a few days to come up with a list πŸ™‚

      • Content Catnip says:

        Hey lovely

        I definitely want you to send me some things still. If you want to do chocolate I’m fine with that. It makes it easier anyway. I will look for 70% or above for you, there are some yummy chocolates from this side of the world. I actually spoke to some people at a natural skincare label, asking about samples and do you know what!…they sent me the full range, full sized bottles I couldn’t believe it, the happiest day ever. I hope you are keeping well. Come up with a list if you like

    • arunagee says:

      That’s so exciting that they sent you the full range πŸ™‚ Have you been using it and does it work well?? Yes, 70% and above chocolate. Yum yum. Also, I just got a betta fish. I named him Mr. Bubbles. Anything for Mr. Bubbles or my dog Willy would be fun. I love books, lipstick, nail polish, art (painting & photography), candles, and anything health food related. Honestly, I’ll love whatever you send over. I’ve gathered a few things for you as well. Some hair stuff, and a couple other things. But if there’s anything in particular you’re loving at the moment, let me know! πŸ™‚

      • Content Catnip says:

        Hey I’ve got some samples for you and can pop in some 70% chocolate for you. What’s your email address where I can give you my address. Thanks so much, been following your raw vegan journey and getting ideas for recipes ❀ xx

      • Content Catnip says:

        About what I would like – not chocolate if possible as I’m trying to do the right thing and eat the right foods lately. Any samples of anything are cool or books (inspirational or spiritual type ones about buddhism or tao, or poetry would be lovely). What kind of books would be up your alley?

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