OkCupid Profile Picture Dos and Don’ts for Men

I met my current boyfriend on OkCupid, and we’ve had a great relationship that’s run over a year and counting. When I tell people about how we met, people open up about their own online dating experiences. Women say, “Everyone seems to be doing it! I think it’s great.” Men often say, “Can you help me with my profile?” Haha 😛

So, here are some dos and don’ts for your profile pictures. I can tell you from experience that we women will judge your profile based on your photos in a matter of seconds. (Am I right ladies?) If your photos check out, we’ll read what you’ve written.

Choose your profile pictures wisely.

  1. Have no less than 3 and no more than 5. In one should show your face pretty clearly, and you should be relaxed and smiling. We want to know you’re confident, good looking, not insecure about yourself.
  2. Another should feature you having a good time with friends at a party, posing together. If there are women in the group, even better. We want to know you have friends, like to have a good time, and are non-creepy enough to attract other girl-friends.
  3. Yet another photo should show you engaging in an activity you love to do, like skiing, cooking, on a horse, etc. Just make sure we can tell who you are in the photo. We want to be sure your life is full, you’re pursuing things you enjoy, your interests could enrich our lives, and you won’t just latch onto everything we do blindly.


Avoid red flag photos.

  1. Don’t feature photos where you’re sticking your tongue out at the camera, or are hugging one of those used panties vendors in Japan. But seriously, a lot of guys don’t know what exactly is going to come across as either creepy or boring to women – so be sure to ask a girl-friend to look at your profile pics and dictate which stay and which go. Why are you creating this profile after all? To attract men like you, or to attract women who like you and are willing to go on a date?
  2. Don’t include any photos with an ex. Just don’t. Your date might ask about it, and if you’re lying, chances are she’ll sense it.
  3. Avoid dingy-looking photos, with overly orange or dark lighting. Bad lighting makes everyone look bad, and (again) creepier.


If you know any guys struggling with their OkCupid profiles, pass this on! Also feel free to get in touch with me. I’ve helped a few friends and would be happy to help you or your friend!





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