Walking to lose weight and get fit? Take a 3 hour stroll through town! [photos]

Just because the scale says you’re “thin enough” does not mean you are healthy and fit. Fitness requires exercise, and exercise will make you a happier, healthier person in body and mind. A few weeks ago my boyfriend Josh and I decided to start hiking on the weekends to jump start our overall plan to better our bodies. Before I started hiking (years ago) I didn’t realize that you could walk to lose weight and get fit – but it’s true! This weekend, though, Josh and I could not spare the hour round trip drive to our usual hiking spot, Blue Hills. Instead we meandered for 3 hours through our neighborhood and pretended like we were hiking.
Walking in town
We found stairs and hills to climb up and down.
Stairs to climb
Noticed interesting and fun details in the world around us, like these cool stairs.
Cool stairs
And this wall with a gorgeous design.
Wall with gorgeous design
We saw flowers and little shrubs that were burst with verve and begging the weather to make spring official.
Flowers on a walk

Walking to lose weightPlants around town

Beautiful flowers

Pretty bush

Green plant in neighborhood

Flowers through a fence
These flowers are literally trying to break free! Haha 😛
Flowers reaching through fence

Gorgeous flowering tree
On our way back to the house, I noticed our neighbor’s gorgeous flowering tree. How had I never seen it in this way before??




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