Hiking Trip to Blue Hills – Round Two! [photos]

Saturday was drizzly and Sunday was gloomy. Josh and I got our butts out of the house and drove to Blue Hills for a small hike in the chilly weather. With a few extra layers on, of course. We decided to start at a familiar place and branch out to trails we haven’t yet covered!

Hiking trip to Blue Hills on a gloomy day“Let the great, experiment, beginnnn!” -Tobias, Arrested Development

Picnic tables at Blue HillsPicnic tables and public grills

Hiking is hard
It’s tough work to hike and eat a sandwich! 😛

Off we go!

Well-marked trails

Nice view

Cool Log at Blue Hills

Cool Grass at Blue Hills

Pretty Flowers at Blue Hills

Lost Hat at Blue Hills
We found a blue beanie hanging on a tree! (Last time we saw a doggie collar.)

Tough Trail at Blue Hills
We hiked some tougher areas this time! *phew*

Swimming is allowed at Blue Hills
A friend asked if swimming’s allowed in the pond at Blue Hills. It is!

Excited for this weekend, because it’s supposed to be clear and warm on Saturday. Yes please 🙂



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