Delicious Omelette Recipe for a Lovely Sunday Brunch

Omelette recipe

I love omelettes, even though I didn’t grow up eating eggs. They’re delicious and the recipe can be tweaked to fit your preferences. The main barrier to making them, in my opinion, is all of the prep. You have to cut so many veggies if you want to make a really stellar meal of it. My solution? Cut all of your favorite veggies when you have time and energy, and freeze them to preserve their freshness and nutrients!

Last weekend Josh and I decided to make the biggest omelette of our lives, just for funsies. We included all of our favorite ingredients and used the biggest pan we have.


  • broccoli
  • shallots
  • bell peppers
  • garlic
  • eggs (we used 6 of them!)
  • cheese
  • salt and pepper (optional)
  • extra virgin olive oil


The amount of each ingredient doesn’t matter as much as the order in which you introduce the ingredients to the hot pan. Choose the ingredients and portions you know you’ll enjoy. Generally, for a single omelette I like to use 3 eggs. I never have to measure the amount of veggies I toss in, because I keep a bag of each in the freezer regularly and use as much or as little as I please. That’s the fun of creating an omelette. My advice: do the same! Freezing seriously changed my eating habits. (Ahh!! I’m a freezer monkey now. Haha.)

Frozen veggies for omelettes

If you don’t already do the freezer thing, chop the broccoli, shallots, and bell peppers. Crack the eggs and whisk them lightly in a bowl. Place the olive oil in a pan on high heat, which you can check by tossing a few drops of water in the pan. If the pan rejects the water, it’s ready. Throw the shallots in and chase them around a bit to take the sting out. Add the broccoli and bell peppers. Adjust the temperature so you don’t burn the veggies. Stir intermittently. Add salt and pepper to taste. Often I omit seasoning, because it tastes so good without.

While waiting for the veggies to cook, grate some garlic. Toss that in as well. (Putting the garlic in last prevents it from burning, which can happen quite easily.) Then cut the cheese (teehee). We used gruyere and cheddar and both did not disappoint.

Tilt to spread the eggs of the omelette

Once the veggies have a nice grilled look, be sure there is enough olive oil in the pan, then pour the eggs on the veggies. Don’t worry, the liquidy egg will sift down to the pan and allow the veggies to peek through over the top. When you notice the edges of the egg turning a light yellow, you’ll know that the bottom is starting to harden and cook. Test out the edges with a spatula by poking it under the edge of the egg and moving the spatula in a circular motion. If the edge lifts easily (as shown in the picture above) then you should tilt the pan to allow the extra egg to drain toward the pan under the part you’re lifting!

Phew. All of this takes quite a bit of explaining, doesn’t it?


Do this lifting process on all sides of the omelette, until you have caused all of the really yellow bits to pour toward the bare pan and cook properly. Once the egg turns a very light yellow, add the cheese to half of the omelette.

Add cheese to half of the omelette

Remember to check the bottom of the egg so you can adjust the heat and prevent burning. We forgot to do that this time 😛 Fold it in half. You should feel free to do this before the cheese has melted completely, because enclosing it in the center of the omelette will finish the job.

A finished omelette

The Godzilla omelette was too big to survive. When we tried to fold it in half, it fell to bits. That won’t happen normally, haha 😛 Plate it and enjoy!!





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