6 Tips to Choose and Apply Makeup Well

Mac 217 Brush  Mac pro longwear paint pot in constructivist  Mac eye liner

I am by no means a beauty guru. In fact, I was a late makeup bloomer. I grew up a tomboy, with my father and brother. Anyway, whatever the reason, I did not get into makeup until the age of 22 or 23 and honestly it’s been something of a humbling experience. Makeup isn’t easy to apply well. And it is incredibly difficult to choose among the hundreds of beautiful products available today. As an admittedly unseasoned makeuper, I still have a few top tips to share. I think the value for those new to makeup is that these tips come from the perspective of someone who’s recently struggled with the experience of learning how to apply makeup!

  1. Be patient and brave. Makeup takes a lot of experimentation. Even foundation takes a while to figure out, based on your skin type, skin color, and skin problems. (For example, the only coverup/foundation I can use is the RMS Beauty un-coverup. That took a while to figure out!)
  2. I would suggest building your beauty arsenal in the following order: mascara, primer (if needed), coverup/touchup product, foundation, lip products/colors, eye shadow. Those are the “basics” in my opinion. Once you have those, you can move on to: eye liner, brow pencil, bronzer, blush, luminizer, finishing spray, etc.
  3. Save up for better products instead of buying many cheap firsts. I think that statement doesn’t need much justification, but what I will say is, I regret buying cheap eye shadow after cheap eye shadow. They seem to work like fake sugar – which is made of molecules that are bigger than our body’s receptors can accept. So sweetening your tea with Stevia, like Lydia from Breaking Bad, will just make you crave sugar even more. “So close, get more,” your body says. And that’s exactly how I felt about cheap eye shadow.
  4. Pick colors according to your skin tone. It’s fun to experiment with pinks and blues. I remember watching tv shows growing up, in which girls with hot pink lip gloss and light blue eye shadow seemed so cool. Cool enough to imitate. But when I started experimenting with makeup I quickly realized that I couldn’t wear those colors, unless I wanted to go for the clown look. I have a medium skin tone. Until recently magazines featured light skin colors almost exclusively. In fact, because of that inertia, many make up lines are dominated by colors that suit lighter skin better. But that’s okay! Just experiment and find the colors that complement your skin, not someone else’s, even if it’s someone you admire! My skin looks great with darker, berry-colored lips and rich brown eye shadow with golden tones.
  5. As if it weren’t difficult enough, the application of makeup is rather tricky in its own right. My advice: Apply all of your makeup in light layers. You can build up the color to get fuller coverage or richer colors. I don’t know why, but there’s some more-than-slight magic in using light layers instead of piling it on in one application. I promise,  your makeup will look leagues better. Buff and blend a lot, but not too much. There’s a balance between warming up and smoothing our your makeup with that buffing motion – and over-buffing to the point of scraping at the makeup and irritating your skin. Breathe well! This makes the whole experience better, and again I’m not sure why, but it always makes my makeup look its best.
  6. Make your morning routine short and manageable, if possible. It’s not fun to rush through your makeup and mess it up several frantic times. Do as much as you can the night before (water the plants, take a shower, prepare your lunch, etc.) so that you can free up some time in the morning. Also, make your skincare routine as manageable and low maintenance as you can. You will love every bit of the experience if you take your time doing it.


These tips work for me, and I hope they will be helpful for you too! What are your top makeup tips?



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