Delicious Multi-Grain & Bean Dish: Recipe [photos]

A couple weeks ago I posted a cabbage dish recipe that Josh and I invented, which we sillily call Muncheechee. Generally we put Muncheechee over a bed of “rice” – which isn’t actually rice at all. (We also add it to our chili to thicken it and add to the healthiness of it all.) We call this dish “Ding Dong.” And we have been making Ding Dong for so long, I don’t remember how or where we got the name.

multi grain and bean dish

Anyway, it’s an incredibly healthy dish that can be eaten alone (as it has plenty of protein, fiber, and healthy carb) or with other additions.


  • Quinoa
  • Amaranth
  • Mung dal
  • Brown Rice (optional – omit if you’d like a gluten free version of this dish)
  • Whatever type of bean you like best (we often use kidney beans)


Pour half of each of the intended amounts of ingredients in the order mentioned above. Then do another layer (with the rest) in the same order. That way everything will cook nicely, and you’re able to get some of each item in every bite. Water will depend as well, but you want the waterline to extend at least 2-3 inches above the dry ingredients.

The health benefits of quinoa, amaranth, mung dal and beans are really stunning!

multi grain and bean dish

I highly recommend investing $20 in a small rice cooker. It’s a “set it and forget it” kind of gizmo that has made healthy eating a breeze for me. I would also encourage the use of canned beans if you are short on time in general. (Just be sure to drain the can water into the sink – it has a lot of salt!) Also, amounts of the ingredients vary based on how you feel. I toss in whatever feels right. I know this sounds contrary to what I’ve said before about good recipe writing, but honestly it doesn’t matter much in the end of the day, because the dish will come out tasting just fine. What matters more is the amount of water you put in.


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