On Focus in Photography

I was  bummed at first that this past weekend was rainy and dull. One of my goals for the weekend was to go on a fun outing to take photos and explore. But as I sat on my couch moping, I happened to be looking out the window, and it struck me. The window has a secret brilliance in rainy weather, and at different distances of focus you see very different images.

At the glass (closest to inside) you can see the bokeh effect on the water droplets (see the pentagons?) :

photo of window

At the screen just past the window’s glass, you can see the mesh and the droplets themselves:

photo of screen

But if you focus at a place in between the street outside and the screen of the window, everything turns into some kind of van Gogh painting:

photo out a window

And of course, there’s the view of the street itself:

photo of view outside

So much in such a confined space!



2 thoughts on “On Focus in Photography

  1. Alina says:

    That’s so true. These photos are beautiful, Aruna! (I do think it depends on what kind of camera and lighting you’re dealing with – my camera doesn’t pick up on details that well, and also doesn’t do well in my poorly-lit apartment – but it’s great to see what can be seen!)

    • arunagee says:

      Thanks Alina! 🙂 And you’re so right. I wouldn’t have been able to take these photos with my point-and-shoot camera, but a dslr gave me the chance.

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