Time-Saving Blogging Tips

Blogging daily is not easy. Even minimal posts, like yesterday’s poem, take a good amount of time to fiddle with and bring to a satisfactory state. It’s just impossible to keep it up without continuing to sacrifice sleep. So the best, most terribly nice thing I could do for myself this week was to follow some time-saving practices to make my daily blogging manageable. I now plan to:

  • write posts at the weekend (30-60 minutes per post)
  • schedule posts to publish automatically throughout the week (what a cool feature of WordPress!)
  • take lots of pictures of things I know I’d like to blog about later (mixed feelings about this one)
  • vary the types of posts – some photo heavy, others with videos, still others mostly text
  • take frequent breaks while writing (my butt’s not meant to marry the couch :P)

I’m excited for this new blogging plan and for more sleep! (Delicious sleep …)


Song: Hey Ya by Outkast

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