Hangout in Harvard Square [photos]

A couple months ago my friend Christine and I were catching up in Harvard Square. As it turned out, she had a project due soon and needed a subject to video and take pictures of. She sent the pictures my way, and I thought I’d share them in lieu of my usual vitiligo themed Friday post.

In these photos I’m smoking a cigar (I enjoy a celebratory cigar once in a blue moon) and I was instructed to look serious, even glum, which was really hard for me to pull off since I’m a very smilie person. The shots that made it into her project were really artsy, and I’m impressed with her natural photography skills! She used over exposure and the bokeh effect to her advantage.

Christine's Project photo 5

Christine's Project photo 6

Christine's Project photo 1

Christine's Project photo 4

Christine's Project photo 3
At some point, a couple of young guys approached me and asked to record me while one of them showed me a card trick. The trick was really good! They said they were gathering material for a blog they were thinking of starting. In the picture above I’m chatting with them and giving them my personal card.

Yours excited for weekend fun,


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