Massage Goodness on Vitiligo Friday

This week has been tough. Sleep-wise. Luckily I scheduled a massage for today at Pyara Spa and Salon in Harvard Square.  I look forward to my massages with an amazing lady name Randy Sue all month. I have a membership with them for 30 minute elements massages once or twice a month, and I receive a discount. (Who doesn’t love discounts?)

Massages help me sleep better (time permitting – sigh!) and good sleep helps to keep my vitiligo from spreading. My body is frustratingly sensitive and over the course of even one week knots start to form in my back and neck area. By the time I make it to my appointment with Randy Sue, some of the knots grow to a substantial size. It’s a bit scary really.

Randy Sue and I asked someone to snap a photo of us. I have to apologize for the horrible image quality though. The lighting was unforgiving, and my iPhone does not take the best photos (as I learned at the Boston Wine Expo the weekend before last).

Randy Sue and Me
Me and Randy Sue

I have been going to Randy Sue for over 8 months. She has an intuitive technique. Her massages adapt to my needs, which can change from massage to massage.

Here’s her bio:


Polarity Realization Institute in Ipswich, MA and have been practicing since 1999


Polarity is a hands on approach to the body’s energetic anatomy and seeks to bridge body, mind, and spirit. Polarity supports strong connections to my other healing and holistic health systems, making a great fit with Aveda. I work intuitively and with great respect towards the human body, creating a safe and healing space for each of my guests that I have the honor of working with.

If you’re ever in the Cambridge area and are wondering where to get a massage, I highly recommend Randy Sue! If you have vitiligo, or a sensitive body, get massages!!! Do it!

That’s all for today… *phew* Weekend! Weee!




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