Apartment Hunting: Sans Realtor

You don’t need a realtor. You really don’t. Keep that month’s rent in your pocket if you have the energy and time, a good checklist, a budget, and the ability to start the search well in advance. I’ve convinced myself  it’s possible to find a great place on my own. And it’s been fun to view apartments at my leisure!

Apartment Viewing

This past weekend  I visited a relatively new apartment building in Watertown, MA and it struck me how awesome it is to walk around in several different apartments before deciding on your own. You can dream about and actually visit apartments way out of your price range – but be sure not to be disappointed afterward with what is within your budget. It’s a much bigger decision than shoes, but I get the same “buyer’s high!” Heehee.

Apartment Hunting

My must-have checklist (imagine it):

  • 1-2 good sized bedrooms
  • washer/dryer in unit
  • lots of sunlight
  • dog friendly
  • near a park or running trail (for the doggies mainly)
  • covered parking
  • bathtub!! ( although this is not on my boyfriend’s must-have list … so we’ll see :S )
  • good water pressure
  • professional management (no more lazy landlords! boo!)
  • quiet neighbors … hey, I can dream 😛


  • granite counter tops
  • updated appliances
  • small balcony
  • friendly neighbors

Who knows what apartment I’ll end up with, but right now I’m having a good time “shopping.” Gosh, this better not turn into some weird hobby, even after I’ve moved into a new place. Heh. That would be seriously weird, right?

Hey – we’re in the homestretch! Tomorrow’s Friday, and I’m out-of-my-mind excited for my monthly massage, dinner with my man, and a concert including Gary Clark Jr.

Yours with weekend thirst,


Song: Don’t Owe You a Thang by Gary Clark Jr.

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