Mountain Green Blend by Chartreuse Organic Tea

The taste of this tea took some getting used to, but even as I filmed this review detailing the ingredients, taste, steeping instructions and health benefits, I liked it more and more. I should say, my boyfriend loves the taste. And a representative from Chartreuse Organic Tea told me that Mountain Green is his absolute favorite.


Organic South African Green Rooibos
Organic South African Orange Peel
Organic Australian Lemon Myrtle

Fun fact: Green Rooibos has 50x the amount of antioxidants as green tea!

Where to buy: Chartreuse Organic Tea Website ($10)


Why Drink Lemon Myrtle
Benefits of Consuming Orange Peel
Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

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PHEW! I’m so tired guys. Time to hit the hay so I can be up early and ready to take on the world!




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