Just the Juicy Bits

I bit my tongue so hard at some point today that I can’t talk. So making a soundcloud recording for Thoughtsy Monday is out of the question!

I worked 9-5 at my job as a Marketing specialist, then went to a part time job from 5:30-8pm. Needless to say, I’m exhausted and bed is calling my name like a siren to a man lost at sea for 30 years. Except, instead of irresistible doom and destruction, sleep will prepare me well for another full day in the world of coding, event planning, lead chasing, writing and so on.

But I am borderline stupidly dedicated to the schedule I set out for this blog, so for today I thought I might regale you with a brief outline of my life, which I was talking to a friend about tonight and which she said was, “shocking.”

I was born in 1988 in Santa Barbara, CA. My family moved to India when I was about 3 years old. We stayed there for 4 years. We rushed back to the U.S. after a madman who claimed to be ‘god reincarnate’ basically put a hit out on our family. He was very powerful and even today I meet people who have heard of him or who still “believe in” him and worship him. Back in the U.S., I grew up with my father and brother in a townhouse apartment in CA. The day I turned 18 I moved out of my childhood home. I applied to college with a lot of help from friends, and decided on Harvard University in the end.

During my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college I developed sleep-eating disorder, and it destroyed my life from its very foundation. I had to take a year off from school, spent 3 months in New Mexico, moved back to my hometown, and developed vitiligo while working a full-time job as an admin assistant at a private medical practice. I returned to college, where I mostly kept to myself. My few friends were great to me. I eventually beat sleep eating, by natural means (relaxation, meditation, yoga, tea, therapy, positive self-talk, plain old belief).

After graduation, I tutored at a luxury tutoring company, but found it was not for me. I loved my roommates during that time, and felt my life beginning to recover greatly from a lot of childhood trauma and from sleep eating. I launched into a phase of career exploration, in which I worked many part time jobs and learned useful albeit dissimilar skills. Today I find myself with a full time job again, one that I am enjoying immensely. I still have vitiligo, and try to connect with others with vitiligo in an attempt to make a positive impact on their lives. I make videos about vitiligo and tea when I can.

That’s all I have folks! My energy levels just hit “E” and my eyes are drooping. I was thinking about expanding on some parts of my life story as a feeble attempt at type-therapy. (Yes, that’s not actually a thing.) It would be a great go-to for future Thoughtsy Mondays if I find myself short on time. I’ll only post the juicy bits though. And I won’t necessarily post about it every week!

Yours Sleepy,


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