Adventure Thursday: The Boston Wine Expo

Okay, the Expo was on the weekend, but I couldn’t resist posting about it today because it definitely was a great adventure. I haven’t been to many wine tastings, but I’d guess that The Boston Wine Expo is one of the biggest and best. My boyfriend and I went on Saturday, the 15th. It was located at the Seaport World Trade Center, which funnily enough is just a few minutes from my place of work. Ohh boy, much fun was had there.

When you first walk in you are greeted by a disco light show projected onto the floor, which definitely set the mood for a fun, lively atmosphere.


As expected, there were many types of wine. The whole warehouse sized room filled with food and drink and trinkets was organized by region (e.g. Europe, Mediterranean, etc.).




Cool label!


Really good wine made from some grape that only grows in a certain area in Spain, I think.

The label on the 12 Linajes wine is really impressive and cool looking. Here’s a video about the awesome history behind it!

There were some lightweight drinks too, like this fruity, delicious eye-candy of a drink.


Slightly carbonated, and fully delicious.

And tea!! What a pleasant surprise!


It looks like David’s Tea, originally a Canadian tea company, is relatively new to New England. According to Vincent (below) the manager at the downtown location, David’s Tea has two locations: one downtown and one in south end.


Vincent, a cool cat indeed!

There was also a variety of edibles.




To-die-for rum cake *drool*


Chocolate, a must have πŸ™‚


Raw Quail Eggs? I passed on those πŸ˜›

There was even a cooking exhibition, on the gorgeous Clarke stage (a distributor of Sub-Zero and Wolf). That’s celebrity Chef Ming Tsai from Blue Dragon and Blue Ginger on stage in the picture. They passed out the food he was making, and we nabbed a couple plates of the pad thai. SO tasty!


Clarke Stage with cooking exhibition

Beside food and drink, there were things like a lotion booth, a grater set booth, and a booth dedicated to wine and plant pot sweaters (cute)!


Aloe skin care


Seriously cool dishes with graters in the center from D-grater


Made in Spain by the way


The guy selling these had a smile on his face like, “I know how insane these are, but aren’t they fun?” Haha!

We didn’t really plan to buy anything, but ended up coming away with:


2 free Boston Expo wine glasses


A D-grater set with grating plate, cleaning brush, and MAGICAL garlic skin remover (the yellow thing)

When I excitedly told my mom that we bought a grater, and she responded, “Ohh … a … grater… Yeahhhh.” Haha!! Then I explained how artfully constructed and brilliantly designed it is. In her defense, my boyfriend and I are probably a bit overboard in our enthusiasm for this grater πŸ˜›


A huge jar of raw, pesticide free honey from Aquidneck Honey. Jeff the Beeman is AWESOME and I would highly recommend buying from his company.

I’m sorry that most of the pictures are out of focus and have bad lighting. I decided to snap this pictures with my iPhone, and I couldn’t do anything about the mood lighting at the Expo. I also totally forgot to take a picture of my outfit!! I was wearing a cream topped and black, ruffle bottomed cocktail dress from Express with a black blazer from White House Black Market. I also donned my usual Tiffany heart necklace and longer multicolored fish necklace, both of which I wear everyday.

After the Expo, my boyfriend and I decided to go out to a restaurant/bar called Devlin’s to nibble on appetizers, have a couple of non-wine adult drinks, and chat without the huge crowd around. This was actually our original plan to celebrate Valentine’s!



Truffle fries




My Blood Orange Vodka cocktail. Yum.

Overall it was a great night and if you’re ever in Boston around the time of the Wine Expo, it’s definitely worth going!




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