Tea Wednesday: Some Stanley Lovin’

Who’s Stanley? Not my boyfriend, certainly. My secret lover? Hah – never in a million years.

I mean this Stanley. You know, the vacuum thermos maker.

Stanley Thermos

This post is going to be brief, and tangentially tea related. Remember the tea I talked about in “My Daily Tea Ritual” post? Well, as of today I am gainfully and fully employed (yipee!) as Head of Marketing, and I will need some way of carrying my morning tea to work. In the morning rush, who ever has time to sit down for a leisurely cup of hot liquid that might take ages to cool to the perfect temperature?

Tea in Stanley Thermos

That’s where Stanley comes in. I got this Stanley vacuum thermos for a steal at $9.99 from T.J. Maxx this weekend. You can pour scalding hot liquid into it, and you won’t feel ANY of the heat when you pick up the thermos. It keeps the liquid decently warm for over 6 hours. (Say, what!!) At first I though the little nubbin of a handle would be useless, but it’s actually perfect for carrying with just a finger or two. I have no clue what the hole in it is for though. Hanging on a wall maybe? Anyway, the top opens smoothly with a twist, and it has a convenient ‘drink anywhere’ opening.

Stanley Thermos Twist Top

Don’t be confused by the textured ring (closer to the handle). The textured part (as opposed to the uppermost green lip portion) also has a “lock / unlock” feature (below), but that is NOT for drinking purposes. It is only for disassembling the 3 or 4 parts that compose the cap, for cleaning.

Stanley Thermos Locking Mechanism

As a tea fiend, I know that a thermos is a must for folk on the go. I did not hesitate to buy this Stanley because I remembered that a friend had great experiences with Stanley products. Take it from me, they’re great 🙂 I’ve been carrying mine around everywhere I go, like my little baby. Haha.

(For next week I plan to try a tea for a full week to review!)



P.S. Phew! Things are going to get really busy around here guys, as my marketing job recently became full-time. Also, I just started using coconut oil with my fact care, and oh lord. I can’t wait to tell you about it.


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