Terrible Tuesday: Bubbles Galore

IMG_0973Last week on Terrible Tuesday, I posted about a splurge purchase (the Eudaimonia Water Toner from an awesome Canadian company called Sudsatorium). The toner is in the mail and I’m excited to try it out. I have frustratingly sensitive skin and this product looks perfect for it.

Anyway, without further ado let’s get down to this week’s terrible business: BUBBLES.

Bubbles have been a long-lived theme in my life. When I was young my mom instilled a true love of bubbles and bubble baths in me. And so, in my busier adult life, I have struggled to find time to incorporate bubbles into my weekly routine. But today I had no choice. It’s Terrible Tuesday, and I have to treat myself 🙂 Today I have decided to use up the last bits of my “Aromafloria Muscle Soak Foaming Bubble Bath with eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass.” It soothes sprains and aching joints. The smell really is calming, and the bubbles are a pristine white and really fun to move around in the bath.

My other bath staples include a manuka honey mud mask I got from a honey store in Harvard Square and a homemade body scrub that I use just for my legs and feet.


IMG_0974                          IMG_0975

Now, I have to say that this treat did not go according to plan, even though I was determined to RELAX. Haha. The water only warmed up slightly before going completely cold. The built-in bath plug wasn’t working, so I tried to plug it with a little plastic tub (which didn’t work well). Shivering, and disillusioned, I decided to skip my body scrub step, and jump out of the bath early to wrap myself in a warm towel.

I’ve had better baths. Ahh well. Hopefully future baths will work out better.

I feel squeaky clean, and my skin feels refreshed from the mud mask. Can’t complain about that 🙂

Oh! And I need a new bubble bath! Do you have any suggestions??



2 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday: Bubbles Galore

  1. Alina says:

    I am intrigued by bubble baths, since I sometimes consider them good for relaxing. I’ve mostly tried out different Lush products which, because I don’t want to use the entire thing, don’t get as bubbly as I would like. Maybe I should try this one.

    • arunagee says:

      Bubble baths are great, but only when things go well basically 😛 Like, you have to set aside enough time to make tea, run the bath, and soak in it. I agree with you about lush. I actually finished off a lush bath bomb recently, and just the chore of having to wash the pink off of my tub gave me more stress 😛 Anyway, this one had great bubbles, but you did have to use a lot at a time. I’m still on the hunt for great bubbles!! Let me know if you come across any good ones 🙂

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