Friday Valentine’s Day Treats!

I was planning on exposing a vitiligo scam today, but decided to do a Valentine’s post instead, thanks to a little surprise my boyfriend sprung on me yesterday! (I’ll post about the vitiligo scam next week.)


Purdy 🙂

In the week leading up to today, my boyfriend and I talked at length about how cheesy Valentine’s day is.

Really, it is. Yes, it’s an excuse to do something nice for your partner, but do you really need an excuse like Valentine’s day to make a loving gesture? With extra traffic, restaurants with lines out the door, and a town crawling with starry-eyed, sedated lovers who act like Valentine’s day isn’t a holiday that corporate moguls drool over every year – it just seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Partially thanks to one of Bill Burr’s podcast rambles, my boyfriend and I agreed that we would go out to dinner on Saturday instead. We’d be able to avoid traffic and enjoy each other without all of the extra fluff and silliness.

And then last night, the doorbell rang. He answered it, then slinked away into our bedroom for a while. I was almost curious enough to ask what he was up to when I heard unpacking noises of scissors on boxes. But I was so focused on the work I was doing that I glossed over it in my mind. 10 minutes later, he emerged shyly holding a gorgeous red vase with a dozen roses of white, orange, and red from Shari’s Berries. (Another Bill Burr suggestion. I have to say, Mr. Burr has some good taste!)

I was SO surprised. He’s not a “shower her with gifts” kind of guy, but he’s really given me several lovely gifts and I know it’s taken extra effort. That’s to say, it’s not lost on me! I appreciate not just the gifts, but the thought, effort, and money he spent on them.

I was too busy fawning over the bouquet to notice him sneak back into the bedroom and return with a box of chocolate covered strawberries!


Yum city right here!

Don’t they look delicious?! Apparently the chocolates were supposed to arrive today, but they accidentally sent them along with yesterday’s shipment. Oops >.< Oh well. It turned out just fine regardless. That gift alone would have made this Valentine’s memorable. But to add to it, my boss gave me a pair of premiere tickets to a wine tasting on Saturday that he could not go to. What luck!! If at all possible, I’ll try to sneak some photos on my iPhone. (I think people would stare and quirk their eyebrows if I brought my big dslr and walked around drooling and snapping photos like crazy! Haha!)

If I had to describe this Valentine’s Day in three words, they’d be: ironic (because of how my boyfriend and I talked about Valentine’s this week), surprising (because I expected nothing and got more than any other Valentine’s), and sweet (of course).

Whether single, taken, married or somewhere in between, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and find yourself pleasantly surprised and in good cheer. Wishing you coziness and warmth…



Song: Strangers in the Night by Cake

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