Hop On the Schedule Train!

For a while now I’ve been slightly concerned about the structure of this blog. I blog randomly, at whim basically. And it never fails to leave me feeling unsatisfied. I gave it some thought, and have decided to come up with a weekly schedule, filled with writing, soundcloud recordings, videos and whatever other fun things I can incorporate!

Here’s the schedule:

  • Thoughtsy Monday: I’ll present an idea I’ve been fixated with recently. I’ll most likely use soundcloud recordings as the vehicle for those ideas, but who knows — I definitely reserve the right to change my mind and sprinkle some creative energy over the thoughtsy thoughts posts.
  • Terrible Tuesday: I find that the closer I get to the middle of the week, the more TLC I need. On Terrible Tuesdays I plan to splurge. Uh oh, recipe for disaster! (Just kidding.) Small or large, splurges make us feel special. I don’t plan to break the bank with my splurges, but every now and then I plan to be extra bad on a Terrible Tuesday. (Today’s Terrible Tuesday post is in the works! *sketchy eyes*)
  • Tea Wednesday: I love tea. By now, that’s no secret to my friends near and far. It’s so funny, because every week I try to find time to try a new tea, but somehow life always throws me these crazy curve balls and I end up prioritizing other things. It’ll be great to explore teas and tea combinations every week! Can’t wait! (I also make tea video reviews for Nature’s Tea Leaf and Chartreuse Organic Tea on my YouTube Channel, so if you like tea check it out.)
  • Adventure Thursday: Who doesn’t love a bit of adventure? On Wednesdays I’m really going to try to push myself to do something just slightly out of my comfort zone. I see it almost as a way of paying homage to the wonderful possibilities life has for us.
  • Viti Friday: I have vitiligo, I make videos about vitiligo on YouTube, I research vitiligo. Haha, that’s reason enough! Also, I like making those videos a lot, so Fridays will probably mostly feature viti videos. Yay!
  • Misc Fun Day: I might bake. I might sing. I might run around naked in the snow screaming the words to “hallelujah” …. or not. Whatever it is, I’ll try to make it fun. And not just fun for me, but fun, silly, or entertaining for anyone. (PLEASE email or comment or tweet me @arunagee with ideas for this … !!)

Haha! I know myself well enough to know it’s going to be a struggle to stick to this at first. But I figure if I can keep it up for at LEAST 30 days, it’ll become a real routine and therefore be less trouble for me to keep up with. I’m tempted to say I’ll include a song on every post, but if I do more than one post in a day, or if including a song on the post just doesn’t make sense, then I might not.

The other update is that I’m going to try to fit my posts into just a handful of categories. (You can see some of my categories in the drop down menu at the top of this page. I didn’t include all of them on the menu.) I have like 15 categories, and it’s just not working. I think the categories will be (not necessarily in this order):

  • Thoughtsy Thoughts
  • Tea
  • Vitiligo
  • Design
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Travel

What do you think?

Yours excited,


2 thoughts on “Hop On the Schedule Train!

  1. Alina says:

    I like these ideas! Maybe for Tuesday, you can also do an “Alternative Tuesday” segment, where you consider alternatives to little splurges? It’s interesting that you seem to be saying that Tuesday is your difficult day; for many people, I think it’s Monday and Wednesday. Also, I’m so tempted to think of cutesy alliterative titles for all of these, like Musings Monday, Wild on Wednesday (I’ve seen a title like this before) …

    I look forward to reading more!

    • arunagee says:

      I love the idea of considering alternatives to little splurges! We certainly don’t have to spend money to splurge in some way 🙂

      I think I just have a non-traditional schedule, and mindset, haha. For me, Monday is full of possibility, and Wednesday is at the top of the “hill” … which lets me see my fast approach to the bottom (Friday). But with Tuesday, you have many days left in the work week and you’re not refreshed from the weekend 😛

      Hey — let’s talk about the cutesy titles a bit more. Better titles is a great idea – who can say no to that?


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