The Only Way to Actively Gain New Readers and Watchers

You know what boils my blood every other weekend and twice on Mondays?

People who “Follow” blogs, twitter accounts, and youtube channels JUST to gain “return Followers.” Sure, some (likely small) subset of those return Followers will genuinely be interested in you and whatever you have to say — but most won’t give two sh*ts about your blog post on “How to Pick the Perfect Nose Hair Groomer” or “203 Things I Hate About Snowflakes.” (To be clear, I’m making fun of my own posts here – sometimes I post things no one else could possibly care about – I know 😛 haha!) The fact of the matter is, when it comes to making real connections with real people on the interwebs, you really have to care about the people you follow, the things you read, and the videos you watch. Then you can start to build a community. Even when you feel it’s of utmost important to *create* content, it’s perhaps more important to *consume* content you enjoy and admire and appreciate the people who made it for sharing it. And of course if you want to build a bigger community, you can engage with more people – genuinely.

Do you like all of the people you follow? How many people do you think are fake-following your twitter, wordpress, or youtube account?

*steps off of high horse*




Song: Dear Believer by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


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