Totally Awesome You-Tubular Cubination!

Silly title. I know 😛

Basically, I was short on time and decided to film myself solving the Rubik’s cube. Also, if you’ve ever been curious to try it but always thought it’s just for “geniuses” or something – just go for it! It’s not just for geniuses, and it can be a really fun – albeit nerdy – hobby! Based on the number of views I’ve gotten on the video in the last week, I can tell that people don’t care about the cube that much. Haha! Anyway … *whistles and shuffles feet around*

I feel like blogging and YouTubing is a constant game of catch-up. But I enjoy it a lot, and can’t *not* do it. So there you have it. I wish people would request videos more often, haha! It seriously makes me so happy when I get video requests. I’d love to blog more too, and am thinking about dedicating a paper calendar to my weekly blog and YouTube goals.

Recently I’ve been incredibly busy job-searching (and job-doing). I found a paid internship (with very flexible hours) as a marketing intern at a successful family company in Boston, and it has been exciting and fun to meet everyone there and learn about SEO, keyword search, business blog-writing, and the products they have. Unfortunately, the money from that part-time commitment really won’t cover my bills (not even rent). So I’m on the hunt for a job that involves things I enjoy doing, am good at, that I can do at the same time and that will help with the finances.

Oh – I’ve also started working out. Just started. And GOD it hurts, but in that “I’m know I’m healthier and stronger even though it hurts to even sit down on the COUCH” way. To health!

More soon!



Song: Tommy James & The Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion Roulette

Introduced to me by the awesome show Breaking Bad. ❤


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