Girly Binge

I was a Sephora/Beauty zombie this week and made several naughty purchases outside of my budget. In an attempt to make myself feel better about having spent the credit, I thought I’d share my excitement with you, dear web-o-sphere:

1) Bite Beauty VIB Rouge Creme Lipstick

vib rougeIt’s limited edition. My friend gave me her mini sample when she became VIB Rouge last week – and oh wow. Nothing but love. This lipstick is creamy, moisturizing, and vibrant. It lasts all day, but (in my opinion) as with any excellent lipstick it changes its character from super glitz-n-shine to a beautiful, stained full lip look by the end of the day. And it’s specially formulated for ALL skin colors. Yumm.. I asked my friend to buy a full-sized version for me, as it’s only available for purchase by VIB Rouge members. THANK YOU friend 😀

2) bareMinerals Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 in Golden Tan R330

bareMineralsI’ve been using RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up for a while. I really like it, but I’m running out of the one I have and I’ve been curious to try bareMinerals. Their Ready Foundation is supposed to be moisturizing, which is great for winter dryness. My skin is very sensitive, so we’ll see if this foundation is suitable for me. So far so good. Apparently I have a really popular skin color .. Golden Tan is completely sold out online!

3) bareMinerals Precision Face Retractable Brushperfection brushThe sales rep at Sephora instructed me to purchase this brush for the Ready Foundation. She showed me how most brushes break up the compact messily and wastefully. The synthetic bristles are super soft. To get the product onto the brush, you’re supposed to pat the brush on to the compact lightly, instead of swirling it. Then you can buff it onto your skin.

4) Revlon Nail Enamel in Valentine 730

ValentineIt was love at first sight. I made a trip to Walgreens on Halloween to pick up my boyfriend’s favorite candy and decided to take a stroll through the beauty aisle. As soon as I saw this color I gasped aloud and *literally* said, “Where have you been all my life?!” This is the color I’ve been looking for – for (I kid you not) over 10 years. No picture does it justice. It seems to change depending on the light. Basically, it’s a deep red / maroon color with what looks like an undertone of berry color. I like the formulation. It has a silky consistency that evens out over the nail. It borders on runny and can spill off your nail and onto your finger if you put too much on, but that’s fine by me. Applying two coats is a must. It doesn’t chip easily. I’m still on the hunt for a great top coat though, because it takes far too long to dry completely.

5) Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Fig Jam 030

lip butterIt looks substantially darker than it is when applied to the skin. It’s basically a semi-sheer berry colored, buildable lip moisturizer and it works well with my warm olive skin tone. I bought an identical one several months ago and finished it completely. It’s GREAT for everyday wear and wonderfully inexpensive.


But wait – there’s more! … I made an order online that hasn’t come in yet. So, while I don’t have my hands on the products now, I will soon:

6) bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer

prime timeI smeared a small amount of this silky goddess-face potion on my jawline in Sephora earlier this week and loved the feel. I figure with Sephora’s ridiculous return policy, why not try it for a week? If I love it and it doesn’t cause my skin to break out, we’ll live happily ever after.

7) Tocca Beauty Candelina Collection Candle in Italian Blood Orange – StellacandleIt’s described as “beautifully fragrant” and that’s all I really needed to know. I love to burn candles in the bedroom, especially this time of year when the weather gets cold. I hope it lasts a while, because it did seem expensive for its size.

8) Sephora Collection Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow in Taupe Silver #7

eyeshadowIt was on sale for $7. And I had a 20% off coupon. Meaning that adding this to my purchase allowed me to get free shipping and a total of $10 off my entire order. Basically, I’ll say I’ve gotten this for free. What do I do with it? – I line the very bottom of my upper eye lids with colors like this. It’s shimmery and pretty and brightens the eye. I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do I like the shiny but subtle effect this provides.


Super Bonus Round!

9) Julep Mini Freedom Polymer Top Coat

top coatConsidering my need to explore new top coats, I ventured out of my beauty point miserliness and used my first 100 Sephora Beauty Points to get this bad baby. As with eye makeup, I don’t paint my nails often, but when I do I sit around for hours afterward complaining about my ineffective top coat. Time to remedy the situation. High hopes for you, Julep Freedom.

10) Korres Face Primer sample & VIB Lips ToteprimerIn case the other primer doesn’t like my face. Figured this is worth sampling.

toteThis was part of the VIB 20% off deal. Thanks Sephora! It doesn’t say anywhere, so I wonder how big it is … Is that what she said?? (Oi. Okay, enough.)



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