Living the Super Colon Life

I’ve decided to try a week’s worth of “Super Colon Cleanse.” Call me crazy. No really … The packaging is jacked. The graphic of the colon … was that necessary?? And the creepy outline of what I can only assume is a naked couple doing god-knows-what after downing some Colon Cleanse madness is, well, creepy. (Haha!! Okay, that went too far.)


According to the bottle, the supplement was originally made for, “individuals who lack sufficient fiber.” I  don’t lack sufficient fiber. Pooing is a thing I already do, daily. But I have heard that cleaning the colon out completely is supremely healthy. Apparently it can cure things like chronic fatigue, head ache, unnecessary weight gain, general low energy, overall skin health. So yeah! — Let’s see if this baby works. If it’s as good as people say, I’ll probably have super powers by the end.


I’m supposed to take 4 of these powder-filled capsules twice a day. The bottle I bought has about a week’s worth, so I’ll check back in after I’ve used it all.

To bravery, health and life!



P.S. I’ve also decided to share one song I’ve been loving at the end of every post I do.

Hold On by Alabama Shakes

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