Do it first, fix it later.

All my life, I’ve been told to “think before doing.” But in the last year I’ve learned that that advice is only best for certain types of people. (People who don’t think about their actions enough.) I happen to lean the other way. I tend to think too much about whether or not I should do something – how I should do it, how long it will take, what others will think. Sometimes that’s prohibitive. And when you find yourself in mental deadlock, it’s all too clear that it’s all too much. For people like me, “do before thinking” is a much better dictum.

From my summer art class

From my summer art class: a wheel I painted with watercolors

From my summer art class: brushes, turp, and a color wheel

From my summer art class: brushes, turp, and a color wheel

Last week I applied to copy edit for Shelli Alford, a wonderful person and representational artist who blogs about her experiences traveling the world to learn fine art from extraordinarily talented contemporary artists. (Her blog: The Traveling Artist.) During my phone interview, we meandered onto the topic of thinking too much before doing. She said something like, “do it first, fix it later.” That is a phrase I heard my art teacher from this summer (Paul Stopforth) say several times. It’s just the kind of supportive and relieving phrase an artist would say πŸ™‚

My drying paint

My drying paint… I thought it looked cool πŸ™‚

More drying paint

More drying paint

I wrote “do it first, fix it later” on a note card and posted it on my wall for inspiration.



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