Melanocyte Transplantation


A YouTube viewer asked me to research melanocyte transplantation a little while ago. So I did!

Melanocyte Transplantation is a vitiligo treatment that allows someone with stable vitiligo  (unchanging and unmoving) to undergo a 1-3 hour operation that would allow you to re-pigment your viti spots with your own, natural skin color. Of course, there are some risks involved, and there are different chances of success based on the type of vitiligo you have. I made a video summarizing the details:

I have not had the treatment myself. My vitiligo is not stable, though I have learned what triggers growth. But if I met the requirements and wanted treatment, I would definitely go for this one.




4 thoughts on “Melanocyte Transplantation

  1. It’s so interesting how there are different types of vitiligo! Such a mysterious condition. Does your vitiligo still change in shape/size or are you still getting new patches? My vitiligo is segmental and meet all the requirements so I would just love to get this done but they don’t seem to do this anywhere in Australia. Also, have you heard of pseudocatalase? It’s another new treatment for vitiligo that has a lot of hype and sounds quite promising but also not available in Australia unfortunately.

    1. My vitiligo does change! If I don’t sleep well and enough my vitispots grow very subtly. And if I let it continue, it would grow a lot over time. When I get really sick, I start to get new spots. (They start off almost as a glow under the skin.) But as long as I sleep and eat well after getting better, they go away after a while. At least it motivates me to be healthier 😛

      It’s too bad they don’t do these treatments anywhere in Australia! Maybe you’ll have the chance to travel somewhere to have a procedure done someday. I’ve never heard of pseudocatalase … Is it different from a topical immunosuppressant?

      1. wow your case of vitiligo is really intriguing compared to most! definitely a good motivator to keep you in check hehe. from my understanding pseudocatalase is a topical cream that is then exposed to sunlight of UVB with no known side effects. it is supposed to be very effective! perhaps after I finish up my topical steroid withdrawal I can go overseas to get treated for vitiligo. 🙂

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