The Smoothinator

Being on the Harvard campus again has taken some adjusting. In the past 2 or 3 weeks I got very sick a couple of times. So I’ve redoubled my efforts to dump good things into my body for energy and health.

This smoothie substitute I randomly made up gives me a jump start in the morning and long-lasting energy throughout the day. I also find it hard to stomach solids first thing, so a drinkity liquidy breakfast is perfect. It’s simple and quick to make:

(1) Emergen-C – 1 packet


Stave off colds with Super Orange

(2) Protein powder – 1/2 to 1 spoonful

I learned from this website to get one with whey and casein (for short and long term energy release). Check out the website for info on what to avoid too. I got this “Bluebonnet Dual-Action Protein Whey + Casein” from

Bluebonnet Dual-action protein (French Vanilla), yumm!

French Vanilla, yum!

(3) Wheat grass – 1/4 to 1/2 spoonful

Be conservative with the grass. Too much can ruin the taste of the drink. I got this “AmaZing Grass Organic Wheat Grass” from Whole Foods.

AmaZing Grass, nice packaGing

Nice packaGing

(4) Water – about 8oz

(Mix the powder before adding water!)

And the smoothinator is born …

The Emergen-C fizzes all cool-like.

The Emergen-C fizzes all cool-like

It might look a bit like goop, but it’s definitely worth drinking. And if you get the ingredient proportions right it actually tastes nice. It’ll keep you regular too ; )



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