Basil and Wild Strawberry

I’ve never had much of a green thumb, even though I love plants. Sadly, when I was a kid I killed several cactus and bamboo plants – you know, those resilient plants that can survive on almost air alone.. I got better with time. I had a spearmint plant in college, but after a couple repottings she died 😦 It was totally my fault. I forgot to ask my roommates to water the plant when I was away. Well, anyway I’m giving it another go. I have a basil plant and a wild strawberry plant, both of which I repotted recently.

My basil plant…



I’ve named him Basilisk. He’s kind of funny looking. Sometimes I pick fresh basil leaves from Basilisk to garnish soup or flavor some dish.

My wild strawberry plant…

This one was planted by my old roommate. The plant’s not doing as well as she could be right now. I still have to figure out how much water and sunlight she likes.

Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry

If she survives, someday she’ll actually bear fruit! How awesome would that be?




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