Beauty Review: RMS Uncover Up

I’m short on time today, so I decided to revamp an old post. I absolutely love RMS Beauty’s Uncover Up, so I’m happy to post about it again!


RMS Beauty’s Uncover Up

I have acne blemishes and RMS Uncover Up is perfect for blemishes or smoothing out uneven complexion. The creator Rose-Marie Swift says her products work, “synergistically with the skin. It’s healing, nourishing, moisturizing – you name it.” It’s so true, but because it is a cream foundations/concealer, you have to know how to use it.

Coverage: Light to medium
Smell: Some people complain that there is a slight smell. I do not notice it, but it’s something to be aware of if you have a particularly sensitive nose.
Look: Natural, blends into the skin exceptionally — Warning! Make sure the Uncover Up is warmed up before you use it. I usually breathe on it a few times with deep breaths. Otherwise it WILL look cakey when you put it on. And do not use a lot at once. Skim the top of the product with your finger and apply it to your skin. If you want more coverage you can layer.
Color: There are four shades (11, 22, 33, & 44). As long as you get a shade that is close to your own color, and as long as you avoid that cakey texture, it will look like your own skin.
Feel: Creamy, smooth
Ingredients: 100% natural and organic. You can even sleep in it and it will not break you out or irritate your skin in any way. I know from experience!
Cost: $36 (Purchase from: birchbox or any of many other online vendors.)

I bought mine in color 33 on October 26th, 2012. I use the Uncover Up as a light foundation and concealer for blemishes and redness, and after seven and a half months, I have used up about three-fourths of it. I’m such a fan, I’m not even tempted to try other foundations/concealers!



P.S.  See Rose-Marie Swift speak about RMS Uncover Up (and other RMS products), how and why she made it, and how to use it!


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