Beauty Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

I’ve never been much of a makeup person, but when I got a really terrible eyebrow job a few months ago I decided to try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I’m definitely a fan.

Black and gold packaging and pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

The packaging is beautiful, with shiny black and reflective gold detailing. They actually revamped the look a few months ago. That was after I purchased my first brow pencil, which had purple packaging and a decidedly less classy look.

Dual-sided: retractable pencil & eyebrow brush

Dual-sided pencil

It’s dual-sided, with a retractable pencil and an eyebrow brush on either end. Personally, I love that the eyebrow brush is included, because in my experience they can get worn after a while. When you replace your brow pencil you get a new brush every time.

Amount of product compared to a quarter

Amount of product

This is the amount of product in a brand new pencil. I have placed a quarter next to it, for comparison. (I get the pencil in color brunette!) I’ve noticed that the pencil lasts about 6-7 weeks with almost daily use, which is great to know if you (like me) are into budgeting your money. The pencil costs $21 at Sephora. That’s 40-50 cents a day, if you prefer to think of it that way.

I only use the pencil to fill in the gaps in my eyebrows, but I have seen reviews online that mentioned that regardless of how you choose to use this pencil, the look is very natural.



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