Code Academy is good at baby steps

I recently decided to learn to program. I learned a little bit from my dad when I was younger, and I took a couple of computer programming classes in College, but at least for me it’s definitely a “use it or lose it” sort of deal.

I met a designer from Canada at a friend’s get-together who told me about a website called Code Academy. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start from the very basics. So far I’ve been brushing up on HTML and CSS. Code Academy features step by step online classes for HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, APIs and more. It’s a well designed website with great tutorials.

Pretend like this is me coding

Pretend like this is me coding

What struck me most about Code Academy is that everything is broken down into smaller, manageable baby steps. I don’t feel overhwelmed. I can do as little as 5-10 minutes of coding a day and still feel like I’ve accomplished something – and it’s all because of the brilliant organization. I always have the option of tackling more if I have time.

In this day and age I feel like it’s hard to avoid the topic of coding. Most people have at least some inkling of the underpinnings of the world wide web. If you have a blog and have tweaked the code, you probably already know some HTML. With my new HMTL and CSS knowledge, I plan to make a very simple personal website. As I learn more about web programming I plan to make my site more sophisticated (but not more complicated, per the advice given in Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug). I  plan on starting within the week, and am excited to see what comes of it!



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