I Dream of Colors

I had a dream about my vitiligo last night.

But before I tell you about the dream, let me give you a bit of background: Vitiligo is loss of pigmentation in the skin. Your skin turns white in patches. I have viti-spots on my face, back and left leg. It is also on my scalp, and where the vitiligo touches my hair, it turns my hair a silvery white. When people notice it, I say that I’m like Storm from X-Men. That’s much cooler than saying I’m like your grandma, though I’m sure your grandma’s super awesome!

Storm, X-Men

Storm, X-Men

In my dream last night, someone was tussling my hair lovingly and discovered that the silvery white color of my hair was different than before. Only a short section of each strand of hair was white, so that from tip to root the colors of each hair went brown, white, and brown again. At first my dream self didn’t know what to think of it, but then I realized it must mean that my vitiligo has been going away on my scalp, causing the normal color to come back. And then as I let that sink in, another realization hit me: It didn’t matter. I was fine either way, white hair or brown hair, or some mix of both. In a way, I felt free.



2 thoughts on “I Dream of Colors

  1. Loren Riley says:

    I know that vitiligo can be a serious problem (what with the melanin and skin cancer and all that terribleness) and that’s not good. However, I will say I actually really like the way a lot of people with vitiligo look. There was a girl in one of my classes who looked calico. I thought she looked amazing (and wanted to tell her, but I knew she was self-conscious about it so I never did). My cousin gets white freckles, and I like that too (to be fair, I really like normal freckles as well).

    • arunagee says:

      That’s so sweet!! I’ve never heard anyone say that they *like* the look of vitiligo 😀 I like that! As it turns out, I like the look of freckles (though I don’t have any). Very pretty!

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