Acting & Sacred Spaces

I am an actor. I act for pay (woohoo!), for or with high school students. My official role as Youth Underground Ambassador (with Central Square Theater’s Underground Railway Theater in Cambridge, MA) is to set a good example for high school students, foster a welcoming community, answer any questions, and generally have fun.

For several months I performed in “Money Matters”, a play about money and people:

Money Matters, written by Betsy Bard, Directed by Vincent Siders

Setting up for Money Matters, written by Betsy Bard, Directed by Vincent Siders

In Money Matters we (the Youth Underground Ambassadors) performed for high school students in the Boston area, so that the students could learn more about money… how to think of it, how to save it, how to use it and how to invest it.

Right now I’m in “Six Years Online”, a play that explores the relationship between the internet and us, human beings of the twenty-first century:

Six Years Online, written by Betsy Bard, directed by Vincent Siders

Flyer for Six Years Online, written by Betsy Bard, directed by Vincent Siders

Acting is not the only thing in my life. I mean, I tutor, I review tea online, I work with a graphic design artist … the list goes on. But acting with this group and working with Betsy and Vincent has really affected me. A couple days ago Vincent talked to us (the actors) about what it means to be a part of this group. He told us how much he believes in us and why he sometimes comes across as almost militantly harsh. He even went so far as to say, “They don’t pay me enough for this job – they don’t pay me enough – but I do it, and I love it.” He stressed that the space we work in and the work we do together are sacred.


Sacred – I had dreams, fitful dreams, all that night about what it means for something to be sacred. I felt guilty for all of the times I have disrespected a sacred space. Now I can’t help but see everything from this lens. Sacred spaces are all around us.

I mean, if my director asks me to show up to rehearsal at a certain time, I should be there – no excuses – because that rehearsal is sacred. My fellow actors are my teammates, and Vincent and the stage manager Cassandra and the rest of the crew have worked so hard. We all owe it to each other to make the best of the time we have together. To be the best we can be, to be together, so that we can create great things together.

If I make a promise to a friend, I have to keep that promise – because that friendship is sacred. If I don’t keep that promise, how could my friend ever trust me? My friends would never know if I mean what I say, and that would definitely create distance and tension. I want to be trustworthy. So I have to meet you when I say I will, do what I say I would, and be as fair and honest as I can.

If my roommate really doesn’t like it when I leave dishes in the sink, I should clean them well – because that relationship and that space are sacred. Do unto others, that’s all there is to it. If he or she doesn’t like dishes in the sink and you don’t like the trash to pile up, then they should take the trash out more and you should do the dishes more. That way everyone’s happy…

And if I promise myself that I’m going to do a good deed every Friday, or that I’m going to make a blog post about tea once a week, or that I’m going to take a bath once a week, I should DO those things – because my promises to myself are sacred too. I’ve made all of those promises for a reason, so I shouldn’t just forget about them or stop caring about them or just mess them up because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the time or something. (And I should make sure I don’t overcommit, so that I can follow through with all of those promises!)

I don’t know exactly what I’m trying to say here … I guess I just had a lot of emotions about “sacred spaces.” Haha! My blog is such a hodgepodge. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Thanks for reading this ramble 🙂




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