DIY Hair Treatment

I have found my recent girly, beauty thrills in DIY projects. I just don’t like the idea of paying for hair treatments, when you can VERY easily make them in your own kitchen.


DIY Hair Treatment

This hair treatment is really simple.

You’ll need:

1) an empty bottle (I used an agave nectar bottle with a small top for easy portion control)

2) black seed oil (and/or any other oil)

3) castor oil

What to do:

Place equal parts of each oil in the empty bottle and shake to mix. The oils might separate with time, because castor oil is denser. Just be sure to shake the bottle before each use.

Apply 15-20 minutes before showering. Don’t apply too much – you don’t want your hair to drip with oil. Wash your hair as usual! Easy 🙂



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