The Eyes, They See

I made a first real attempt at drawing an eye in my free time the past couple of days. I wanted to take drawing classes, but the only one I found that is feasible for my schedule is a drop-in class at the Eliot School on Tuesday nights, and my Tuesday nights fill up often. So I promptly turned to the source of all tutorials these days: YouTube.

I used this tutorial:

I know I have a lot of room for improvement, but I am rather proud of my odd looking little eye. I just plunged myself into it, and I learned a LOT from the experience! I now think it is incredibly important to have the right tools.

I used an old Strathmore Sketch book I’ve had since high school, two Reeves sketching pencils from a set given to me by an old high school friend, a Papermate Pink Pearl eraser, little bits of paper towel (for smudging), a random small cylindrical eraser I found lying around, and a blue push pin.

My pencils (while great) were not the best for creating dimension by successively layering and smudging. The lead is not dark enough. To do proper highlighting I needed a much, much skinnier eraser. When the Papermate eraser proved to be too large I found the little cylindrical one and stuck a push pin in as a helpful handle. Sadly, even the new makeshift contraption was not thin enough to suit my drawing’s ocular needs. The eraser acted more like a smudging device anyway … My final solution turned out to be a wonderful accident. I was a too rough with the Papermate eraser and a small piece of the corner fell off. It was just angular enough to make the desired thin, long, clean strokes. Finally. (You can see the little piece in the picture above. Cool little bugger!) I was already almost done with the drawing by then. What a struggle. Then when it came to smudging, I had absolutely no formal if inadequate resource. So I used bits of paper towel. I have since realized that one can find smudging pencils for sale on the internet … 0_0 Beautiful.

I definitely plan to buy the materials I need to make better progress, but in the meantime I will try to do more drawings. Thanks YouTube!



P.S. The title’s an anagram! 😀


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