Review: Chartreuse Organic Tea’s Moroccan Spice

Recently I have been in contact with Chartreuse Organic Tea, a wonderful tea company dedicated to improving the lives of others through organic, caffeine-free loose leaf herbal teas. All of their teas are 100% herbal, which means you can steep them for a very long time without the consequence of that biting bitter taste that tea leaf based teas offer. And all of the herbs are cut in large chunks that retain their full, deep, beautiful flavors. When you add hot water, all of those flavors are released.

Moroccan Spice, in particular tea is sweet, tangy and spicy. When steeped for 15-20 minutes, it is a beautiful redish color. Here’s a full description:


Thank you so much for reading and watching 🙂

I’m thinking about doing a review of my Russell Hobbs water heater and tea infuser set… honestly, I’m in LOVE with it. The massive infuser even has a hot plate underneath. *swoon* Perfection.

Until next time!



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