How to Get Writer’s Block

I can’t really think of something good to write, no matter how hard I think.


That’s a pretty common phenomenon, isn’t it? Every time I start writing something (on stress or confidence or future hiking plans) I really don’t like how it turns out. It’s not that there is a shortage of things to write about. I could write about my adventures in India with my family (we escaped being murdered by a madman). I could write about my struggles with acne, vitiligo or sleep eating. I could pick a philosophical topic or describe a particularly interesting dream I’ve had. But for some reason, my mind’s at a place where nothing seems to come out right when I type. Urgh!

Because of my frustration, I decided to think about the writer’s block itself and I was reminded of a conversation with a great friend and mentor yesterday. He told me that the best way to block yourself from doing anything is to over-think it. “The action comes first,” he quoted a book he’d read. Unfortunately, I am particularly good at over-thinking things.

In the future I’d like to let my thoughts flow freely. I can always edit and re-edit until I am satisfied with the finished product!

Peace, love and ACTIONS FIRST,

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